Beguiling Cairn Terriers

About The Breeder

Irene Darius, BSc. M.A.

Growing up, we always had miniature poodles in our family.  Later, I owned a Hungarian Puli, but in 1999, I found ‘my breed' - the beguiling Cairn Terrier. I was drawn to their happy face, devilish look in the eye and playful spirit. On sight, I was smitten.  I purchased my first Cairn, Maisie and entered the world of dog shows and breeding.

I am a member of the Cairn Terrier Club of Canada, the Cairn Terrier Club of America and the Canadian Kennel Club.  I have studied canine behaviour and behaviour problems through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology and have attended numerous international conferences and symoposia on animal behaviour.  I have volunteered for the Edmonton Human Society and am a past president of the Society.

As a breeder, I have a responsibility to the everyone puppy I bring into the world, maintaining the Cairn breed standard, maintaining an ethical breeding program.

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